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The Debate On Neelum Munir’s Item Song Continues

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Kaaf Kangana has recently been under much discussion, especially due to Neelum Muneer’s dance performance, but more so because of her defence of her performance because the movie was a project of Inter-Services Public Relations.

ISPR Director General Asif Ghafoor has also defended the item song, but his defence has been confusing. In response to a recent tweet by Asif Ghafoor, someone posted pictures of Neelum Muneer’s item song and singer Humara Arshad’s performance, which according to Humera was at GHQ Islamabad.

The DG ISPR responded to the tweet, defending Neelum Munir’s track. He said that the item song was by an Indian girl in the movie, as per her role, adding that the movie may be watched to know the context.

About Humera Arshad’s performance, he stated that the picture was neither of GHQ, which was in Rawalpindi, nor was the event organised by ISPR.

In his defence of the item song, the DG ISPR implied that doing an item song was not problematic as long as the actor was playing the role of a foreign person, which in Neelum’s case, was an Indian.

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