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Woman Constable Brings To Court Lawyer Who Slapped Her A Day Earlier

FEROZEWALA: A woman constable on Friday brought to court a lawyer who had slapped her a day earlier in Sheikhupura, Geo News reported .

According to details, Advocate Ahmed Mukhtar had slapped Constable Faiza Nawaz in Ferozewala Courts when she told him not to park his car in front of police checkpoint.

The constable requested the lawyer to move his car from the area as it was disturbing other people. On hearing this, the lawyer got angry and kicked the woman constable in the shins before slapping her.

District Police Officer (DPO) Sheikhupura Ghazi Salahuddin immediately took notice of the incident and ordered the registration of a first information report (FIR) against Mukhtar. The lawyer was later arrested by police and put in jail.

The police also plastered posters of the handcuffed lawyer standing behind bars around the town.

Earlier today, the chain and the keys to the lawyer’s handcuffs were presented to the woman constable who presented him in the court. However, the local court approved Mukhtar’s bail request.


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