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‘Unknown Persons’ Abduct Sindhi Professor From Karachi Airport

Unknown persons on the premises of Karachi Airport abducted Mehran Engineering University’s professor Inam Bhatti on Wednesday morning.

According to video footage from the airport, the renowned Sindhi writer and intellectual was on his way to Istanbul to partake in an academic conference when unknown persons took him to a double cabin pickup without a number plate. The professor was with his son, who the abductors had asked to go away when they took Bhatti.

Inam Bhatti teaches in the Chemical Department of Mehran Engineering University. He also happens to be the director of Office of Research and Innovation and commercialisation. He is also supposed to be politically close with the nationalist Sindh United Party (SUP).

SUP’s leader Syed Zain Shah, while condemning the abduction, alleged that Bhatti had been taken by law enforcement agencies. He also viewed that men of letters, intellectuals and educationists happened to be the glory of the motherland and it was the duty of every son of the soil to raise voice against such unjust acts.


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