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Terror Attempt Thwarted As 4 ‘LeJ Hitmen’ Arrested In Karachi

Four alleged hitmen, members of the banned Lakshar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), were arrested by the police on Saturday in Karachi. Among other crimes, they have taken part in targeted killings of members of the minority Shia and Bohra communities, several policemen and a fatal attack on a DSN of Samaa TV. They were planning to orchestrate a large-scale act of terrorism in the near future.

SSP Rao, accompanied by SSP for investigation, Central, Mohammed Tariq Nawaz elaborated on the details of the arrest at a press conference at his office. On July 17, a man named Ajoli Khan was gunned down in the FB Industrial Area. The police investigation of the murder led to a timely arrest of the victim’s wife, Shagufta, and her alleged lover Zar Wali. They confessed to planning the murder, and led the police to their hired assassins.

The police apprehended two members of Lakshar-e-Jhangvi, Gora Khan and Shahid Hamayun. The preceding investigation successfully resulted in the two suspects confessing to killing Ajoli Khan and providing intel on their other two accomplices. Acting on the tip-off, the police arrested Mohammad Hashim and Mohammad Fahim.

The Central SSP stated that Gora Khan, Fahim and Hashim were ‘active’ members of the banned outfit, while Shahid was an accomplice of Gora.

They admitted to having been involved in the following reprehensible crimes: the murder of Bohra community trader Hatim Feroz in North Nazimabad over non-payment of extortion in 2016 and killing of another trader near Erum Bakery over non-payment of extortion at Liaquatabad-4; killing two young men belonging to the Shia community near the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and Taiser Town in 2016 and 2013, fueled by sectarian hatred; grenade attacks on police mobile and police officers near the Powerhouse Chowrangi whose case was registered at Khwaja Ajmair Nagri police station in 2016; killing police constable Munawwar at Landi Kotal Chowrangi in the year 2016; the murder of traffic police constable Mohammed Rashid at Five Star Chowrangi in 2016; a lethal attack on a DSN belonging to Samaa TV in North Nazimabad in which the channel’s assistant cameraman Mohammed Taimur was killed.

Central SSP Arif Aslam Rao claimed that the hitmen were planning a large-scale act of terrorism in Karachi, and thus their arrest had potentially saved numerous civilian lives. The criminals are being further questioned, with the police investigating the ‘startling revelations’ disclosed by them.



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