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Suspect In Kasur Rape And Murder Case Reportedly Arrested

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In a new development in the case of the sexual assault and murder of three boys in Kasur, news about the arrest of the suspect in the case went viral on social media.

Police officials have stated that the arrested was one of the suspects in the rape and murder of three boys whose remains had been found in Chunian. However, they are yet to confirm the conclusivity of the evidence collected.

Last week, the bodies of three boys who had been missing since June had been found from sand dunes near Chunian Bypass. Two of the found bodies had been reduced to skeletons.

Till now, police have arrested 21 suspects and about 1500 people have had their DNA tested by the police.

A news report in Dawn cited the Kasur DPO as saying that a man named Shahzad had been put under arrest in Rahim Yar Khan, but the police was not certain he was the culprit.

Sources informed media that the DNA profile obtained from the body of one of the victims matched with the family tree of Shahzad.

Meanwhile, the head of the Joint Investigation Team said that DNA results would be confirmed within a couple of days and requested the public to not spread rumours.

Sources have said that a family member of the suspect had appeared before the Joint Investigation Team and informed investigators that Shahzad was involved in sexual abuse of minors.


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