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Shifa Hospital’s Negligence Kills As Patient Dies Seeking MRI Scan

ISLAMABAD: A citizen of the South Waziristan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa lodged a complaint in 1-9 police station of Islamabad against the alleged negligence of the reputed Shifa International Hospital Islamabad due to which his ailing sister lost her life.

The complainant Saifullah, in an application, mentioned that he admitted his sister Zareena, aged 37, in Shifa International Hospital for treatment. After medical inspection, the hospital surgeon Ghulam Sadeeq conducted a laparotomy (a surgical incision in the abdominal cavity). After 9 days, the health of Saifullah’s sister remained unstable and the doctor carried out another laparotomy.

The application, a copy of which is available with the Naya Daur, stated, “In my sister’s lungs, blood clots appeared during medical inspection following which her mental health also become unstable. The surgeon Ghulam Sadeeq directed the neuro-physician to conduct an MRI but the MRI machine was out of order due to some technical glitches.”

The complainant insisted for an MRI for seven days due to the deterioration of the health of his sister but in response, the hospital gave the same excuse that it had given earlier. The complainant further added that he visited different sections of the hospital and begged for an MRI but received no positive response from the hospital’s administration.

Saifullah informed Naya Daur that the hospital administration asked him to lodge a complaint regarding the out of order MRI machine and said that if his sister died, the hospital administration would be responsible.

Saifullah submitted a complaint to the hospital. The signed complaint is available with Naya Daur. In its official response to the complaint, Shifa International only acknowledged receiving the complaint.

The complainant added that five days after the last surgery, the doctor directed the radiology department to conduct an MRI of the patient, but the department responded in the negative, saying that the machine was out of order and that they were trying to conduct the MRI from the Quaid-e-Azam hospital. However, for the next two days, the MRI was not conducted.

The complainant further stated in the application that on the ninth day of the last surgery, his sister’s health deteriorated and she was put on a ventilator.

On the 11th day, the doctor insisted for an MRI but his request was not taken seriously. According to the complainant, on the 13th day of the last surgery, he received the dead body of his sister.

Saifullah informed Naya Daur that they protested on the issue and the the hospital administration assured that they would form an inquiry committee and take action against those responsible. However, no action has been taken as of yet.

He further added that they met with various officials of the I-9 police station, but they still had not lodged an FIR allegedly due to the pressure of Shifa International Hopital.

Saifullah stated that he paid 1.8 million rupees to the hospital administration for the treatment of his sister. He appealed for justice from the health minister and the prime minister of Pakistan.   

When contacted, the I-9 police station SHO Rashid Ahmad said that police was under no pressure and that police didn’t take direct action against the hospital according to the law. He added that the case had been forwarded to Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and action would be taken after the direction of the hospital.

The general manager Shifa International Hospital, Shuja Rauf, endorsed the applicant’s complaint that the hospital’s MRI machine was out of order and that it was not strange as it happened in other hospitals of Pakistan as well as around the world.

When asked about the complaint and the allegation on Shifa International Hospital, he responded that every individual has the right to lodge a complaint if not satisfied with the process of treatment. He added that the complainant’s version is one sided and that they were inspecting the case and would process the case according to PMDC’s directions.


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