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FIA Accused Of Issuing ‘Vague’ Summons To Harass Citizens

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The Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights has been briefed on the harassment being carried out by the Federal Investigation Agency through various acts that are in violation of the constitution.

Journalist and activist Farieha Aziz took to Twitter to apprise her followers that she had appeared before the senate committee and had submitted a note pertaining to violations of law and rights by the FIA.

The note elaborated on the abuse of powers by the investigation agency. It stated that for the past two months, the FIA had sent vague summons to various people. Reportedly, these summonses do not have the description or allegation of the charge, are received after the date of appearance, do not contain a copy of the complaint, and are received at addresses the intended recipients do not reside at.

Moreover, many people have been summoned to cities they do not reside in, and attempts made by recipients requesting copies of the complaint or the transfer of investigation are not responded to.

The statement also says that the FIA initiates investigations without permission from the court, seizes devices without a warrant, and compromises confidentiality by revealing the names of those under investigation.

The statement elaborates that these actions are in violation of various articles of the constitution, including, amongst others, the right to fair trail, inviolability of the dignity of a person, the right to freedom of speech and freedom of information.

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The senate committee has been requested to summon the FIA to explain its actions and to restrain the agency from harassing citizens. It has also been asked to form an accountability mechanism for the FIA.


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