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Salman Khan Gets Death Threats On Facebook

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Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been threatened with dire consequences in a social media post written on the Facebook wall of Student Organisation of Punjab University (SOPU) on September 16.

According to Hindustan Times, police are investigating the issue after the post went viral on social media platforms.

The post uploaded by Gairi Shooter, featured a crossed-out picture of the film actor. It read: “Salman, you think you can save yourself from Indian law, however, Vishnoi Samaj and the SOPU Party have announced a death sentence for you. You are an accused in SOPU’s court. Respect girls, save animals, avoid drugs and help the poor.”

The timing of the post is important because Khan is scheduled to appear for hearing on September 27 in the blackbuck killing case.

“The police is on alert. We provided proper security to the celebrity when he came here for hearing previously. An investigation has been initiated in this case,” said DCP Dharmendra Yadav.

A few months ago, gangster Laurence Bishnoi threatened the Bollywood star of serious consequences in the court in front of policemen.

Salman has been sentenced to five-year imprisonment in the blackbuck killing case but is currently out on bail.

During the last hearing, it was mentioned that if the actor failed to appear before the court on September 27, his bail could be cancelled.


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