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On 18th Anniversary Of 911, Afghanistan On The Verge Of Another Civil War

On the 18th anniversary of the deadly Twin Towers attacks, the peace in Taliban still remains an ‘elusive dream’. This weekend, after months of negotiations, Trump abruptly announced that the US-Taliban talks are ‘dead’ The announcement came a week after an attack in Kabul that claimed lives of 12, including one US soldier

It’s not yet clear whether the talks are permanently dead or only suspended, but if Trump’s statement – “As far as I’m concerned, they’re dead” – is to be taken literally it effectively means that US will be withdrawing troops from Afghanistan without a peace deal in place.

US troop withdrawal without a future power-sharing formula could plunge Afghanistan back into civil war as right now an intra-Afghan dialogue seems almost impossible. The Taliban do not even recognise Ashraf Ghani govt as legitimate


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