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New Lawmaker Vows To Introduce Education Reforms In Ex-FATA

July 20 witnessed the first-ever provincial elections in former FATA after the historic KP-FATA merger. The elections saw independents capturing six seats, while the PTI won five and JUI-F won three seats. One of the new lawmakers from the former tribal areas is Anita Mehsud from the PTI.

Mehsud hails from war-torn South Waziristan, and joins the KP assembly with a long wish list meant to transform her constituency. She believes that education is a challenge in her area where girls don’t join schools due to lack of facilities. One of Anita Mehsud’s first planned projects is a degree-awarding institution for women.

The lawmaker was a member of FATA Youth Alliance, FATA Reforms Committee, PTI Youth Core and even trained women polling agents for the FATA elections. Due to decades of neglect, the state of education in FATA is in a miserable condition. The legislator’s motivations may just be the change that FATA needs at the moment.

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