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Murderers Of Four-year-old Mardan Girl Still Not Arrested

Mardan Police have failed to arrest the real culprits behind the alleged sexual assault and murder of four-year-old girl Iqra.

Earlier on 2nd September, Mardan Police claimed to have solved the murder case and had arrested two girls Fatima and Nadia.

The police had charged both sisters with murdering the four-year-old to avenge personal enmity with the girl’s mother. The alleged murderers live next door to the affected family.

Mardan police stated that the two sisters confessed to killing Iqra. The initial report had suggested signs of sexual abuse, but other clues indicated that no sexual abuse had occurred before the murder.

Fatima and Nadia, aged 14 and 13 respectively, were produced before a judicial magistrate following the completion of their remand. The two denied the allegations leveled against them and informed the judge that they had been forced to accept the charges.

The father of the two sisters, Hassan Rahim, said that his daughters had not killed the girl and that police had tortured them for getting confessional statements.

Meanwhile, police have also arrested several other suspects in the Iqra murder case and have obtained a dozen blood samples for DNA testing.

The medical report described the four-year-old as having been ‘sexually abused’ but it was rejected by police officials.

On 2nd September, Mardan District Police Officer (DPO) Sajjad Khan in an emergency conference had informed media that the police have solved have solved the blind murder case of a four-year-old girl and arrested two sisters who were neighbours of the girl.

The DPO had claimed that both girls had accepted their crime before the police.

Moreover, Hassan Rahim has also accused that police tortured his wife along with his two daughters.

The medical reports which indicate sexual assault put a question mark on the inquiry conducted by the police.


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