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Man Fooled Into Marrying Transwoman By ‘Matchmaker’

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An elderly widower from Upper Dir, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, was defrauded by a conman who deceived him by marrying him to a transwoman in return for Rs150,000 in dowry.

The family of the widower informed media that he had lost his wife three years ago. He had then met an alleged matchmaker in Peshawar, who told him that he would find a bride for him.

The widower, Jaan Saaz, was introduced to a transwoman called Sapna, who he was told was a woman. The matchmaker had told Sapna that Jaan Saaz was willing to marry her whilst knowing that she was gender neutral.

The family paid Rs150,000 to the matchmaker as dowry, following which the nikkah was solemnised. The family spent another Rs150,000 on the wedding festivities.

On the wedding night, Saaz was shocked to learn that the one he had married was not a woman. Sapna, on the other hand, was also shocked to know that Saaz had been fooled into marrying her.

The following morning, Saaz sent his ‘wife’ to her family and told the truth to his family. He made sure that Sapna had been sent off before he told his family as he feared that they would harm her.

The family has planned to register a case against the alleged matchmaker.

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