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#JusticeForNimrita: Govt Urged To Investigate Suspected Murder Of Hindu Student

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In yet another incident of fatal violence against minorities in Pakistan, a medical student belonging to the Hindu community was found dead in her hostel room.

According to media reports, the victim, a resident of Ghotki, was found in the room of Chandka Medical College, allegedly having committed suicide. The Vice Chancellor of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Medical University, Larkana, stated to media that the victim was found with marks on her neck that indicated suicide. Currently, senior superintendent police Larkana was currently investigating the matter.

Nimrita’s brother has claimed that his sister did not commit suicide. While talking to media, the victim’s brother denied that this was a case of suicide as he had talked to his sister just two days before and she seemed happy and expressed that she would be in the top ten students this year. He added that before her death, she had distributed sweets in the principal’s office.

In another video, Nimrita’s brother can be seen explaining to media that the case was not suicide and that there was more to it. He said that the first girl who came across the body found her with a duputta around her neck. He also added that the marks on her neck indicated the use of a wire. The victim’s brother also said that there were marks on Nimrita’s hands as if someone had gripped her forcefully.

Social media users also opined that the case did not seem to be that of suicide. Activist Aisha Sarwari took to Twitter and raised the question about the condition of minority women in the country.

Writer Tania Saleem pointed out that all the evidence gathered by the victim’s brother and friends indicate that this was a murder and urged that the crime should be thoroughly investigated.

Another Twitter user raised doubts on the claim that Nimrita committed suicide, and urged the chief minister of Sindh to take immediate action.

Nimrita’s brother’s claims contradict the allegation that the case was a suicide. If the latter is true, authorities must investigate the case as a murder and must also explore whether this was a hate-based killing.

Incidents of violence against the Hindu minority have increased. Just a couple of days back, Ghotki had erupted in riots following blasphemy sallegations against a Hindu school teacher.

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