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I Applied For A Job And Discovered The Hollow Claims Made By PTI Government

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Prior to the general elections, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) gave us hope that amid the chaos and hubbub, some crucial developments are about to take place in Pakistan. But a year after formation of the new government, it seems the change that we were promised by the PTI was but a myth. The institutional rot that the PTI promised to change remains the same under the party’s government. I say this because I got a chance to experience it all firsthand. I applied for a post in a government institution, the one situated in the heart of Lahore: the Punjab Assembly.

I made the decision to apply for the post after looking at an advertisement on the provincial assembly’s website. I thought to apply for a position in accordance with my qualification. Not having any reference or parchi, I went through the entire procedure and saw a number of apparent irregularities which irked me.

I was unaware of the state of affairs in the provincial assembly. Firstly, when I went to submit my form, I found that the forms that came “ooper se” were given priority and all other applicants were made to wait. Most of the forms which were submitted through postal service were not entertained.

Moreover, the advertisements announcing the position did not have any guidelines on how to submit the form. Although it was an uphill task, I eventually succeeded in submitting my form.

I got shortlisted and received the letter for an interview. Here again, a candidate who appeared out of nowhere – with a parchi in his hand, was sent to the committee room number 3 before me. When I asked a policemen standing near me that what was going on, he replied, “ooper se orders hain” (These are orders from the higher-ups.”).

He further said we are bound to listen to our bosses. For a moment, I realised I am wasting my time and pinning my hopes on something which I cannot get without a ‘parchi’ or strong reference.

I could have asked for more explanation, but I let it go because I was charged and motivated to give my best in interview. On my turn, I entered the room and was welcomed in a cold manner. The interviewers did not bother to ask my name and background. To my surprise, instead of asking relevant questions, they asked questions which had nothing to do with the post.

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“In which jail Rana Sana ullah is locked up?” being one of them. This was for the post which necessitated one to be a good writer with fair typing speed and proficient in MS. I was asked to leave within a minute. I got dejected and upon reaching home, I had to hear the same words from my family. That I shouldn’t waste my time because you need to have a ‘parchi’ to get a job.

I have left opportunities to go abroad and settle there, in KSA for instance where my father used to live and could have helped me gain a good job with handsome financial reward. As I become aware of how things work in Pakistan, I realise that I have made a terrible mistake.

Imran Khan always asked for merit and vowed to implement it in every institution once he gained power, but the practices which I saw negated everything he so vehemently advocated. Parchi system is still operative under PTI government and, that too, in Punjab Assembly. I remember Imran Khan himself once said that he had to use parchi to become part of Pakistani cricket team.

Having no parchi at all, I am sure even after holding two master degrees, a PG diploma and being certified in MS Office, I won’t get a call for an assistant post.

I admire Imran Khan and will keep on doing so at least for his valuable services of winning the cricket World Cup for Pakistan, and making a cancer hospital. SKMH is a symbol of love of a son for his mother and mothers of nation; it is an epitome of better administration in a country where malpractice is the order of the day.

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My aunt got treated and recovered there. Therefore, it would not be justified to not praise the services the doctors and administration of the hospital are rendering. It is a plant which is getting greener and more fruitful. Although there are complaints that some of the patients are not admitted for various reasons ranging from being on the last stage of cancer to the shortage of beds, overall the institution is worth narrating example of.

Keeping Imran Khan’s services aside, on national level things are not at par with his claims. Unemployment is rising. The youth is frustrated due to unemployment and lack of opportunities. Middle class is facing a lot of difficulties.

The middle class that shattered the status quo in Punjab, especially, and preferred to get out of their homes and vote for PTI over PML-N, is asking Imran Khan to ‘DO MORE’ for them. They deserve better.

Price hike of daily-usage products’ has broken their spine. Unemployment is at its peak. Criminal activities are happening like there is rule of the jungle. Without reference, one cannot enter an institution, and if you have reference or ‘parchi’ of an influential person, you can do anything you want. Appointments are not made on merit.

However, despite everything, the hope remains alive. Instead of going after political rivals, the government should take action against the corrupt elements in its own ranks and set example against the ‘parchi’ culture.


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