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Gigi Hadid Catwalks NYC Runway Show Barefoot After Her Shoe Broke

Gigi Hadid, the American-Palestinian model, effortlessly walked down the Marc Jacobs Runway barefoot during New York Fashion Week 2019 on Wednesday when her heel broke moments before her turn.  This is the second time that Hadid gracefully adapted to a shoe-related wardrobe malfunction, having once done so while modeling for Anna Sui in 2017.

Hadid strutted down the runway in a powder blue minidress, two matching hats, and a gold necklace. Thigh high silver socks and white leather mules were also originally part of the outfit, as reported by Katie Grand, the stylist.

Moments before her turn, one of the heels broke, and the Marc Jacobs team had two options: either walk down the runway with the broken heel, or take off her socks and shoes, and walk barefoot. This last-minute change didn’t faze Hadid, and as stated by her stylist Grand, she ‘was all the more natural for it.’

Grand later thanked everyone for being ‘patient, beautiful and inspiring’. Gigi, in her Instagram post acknowledged the moment gracefully, stating that ‘Sometimes, a lil’ wardrobe malfunction can lead to the magic moments.’

In 2017, Hadid lost a platform heel during the second half of Anna Sui’s New York Fashion Week show but continued on down the runway with one heel, handling the situation like a pro, keeping the critics attention fixated on her impressive composure.



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