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FBR’s Valuation Rulings Make The Costly iPhone 11 Even More Expensive

Anyone importing the new Apple iPhone 11 will be paying a high price for it in Pakistan considering the new valuation ruling by the Federal Board of Revenue.

According to the valuation ruling regarding imported smartphones by customs authorities at the Federal Board of Revenue, the Apple iPhone 11 would be cleared after a payment of Rs 35,000 customs duty. The buyers of iPhone 11 Pro would be paying Rs 40,000 as customs duty while those who intend to import the iPhone Pro Max would be paying Rs50,000.

The customs duty on the iPhone models would need to be paid at the customs office or at the customs check post at the airport. The taxes on these products may vary from 5-10%.

The Federal Board of Revenue has reduced the taxes to a great extent as compared to the rates as they were when the Device Identification Registration And Blocking System was launched by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

The new models of the iPhone – iPhone 11, Pro, Pro Max – cost £729, £1099, £1149 respectively in the United Kingdom. This would amount to approximately Rs142800, Rs215300, Rs225000. Hence, those who would be bringing in iPhones from the United Kingdom would have to expend around a minimum of Rs170,000 to Rs275,000, depending on the model they have bought.


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