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Dr AQ Khan Disappointed By Snail-Paced Hearing In His Case

LAHORE: Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, the pioneer of Pakistan’s nuclear programme, has shown disappointment over the snail-paced judicial process in connection with his writ petition in which he requested this his right to free movement be restored.

Dr Khan’s lawyers, namely Muhammad Mudassar Chaudhary and Ghulam Mujtaba Chaudhary, on Wednesday filed a writ petition in the Lahore High Court (LHC) seeking an early hearing on the main writ petition filed in this connection.

The lawyers pointed out that “the titled writ petition is pending in LHC and the same was fixed for July 11, 2019, but due to non-availability of the bench the same was rescheduled. Till date the same was not fixed for further proceedings”.

The petition read, “The titled petition is habeas corpus in nature and life of the petition was curtailed by the respondents without lawful justification and reason. Therefore, the tilted petition may kindly be fixed for some early date to hear the arguments of either party”.

Earlier, Dr Khan had demanded the LHC chief justice to take strict action against those officials allegedly involved in submitting forged statements in his case and betraying the court.

In his open letter, Dr Khan had raised several questions in response to the claim of security officials who have confined him to his house.

He said he wanted to spend his life like a common man where he can talk to people and move freely, rather than remaining confined to a house due to ‘security threats’.

Dr Khan had written to LHC Chief Justice Sardar Shamim Ahmed Khan a few weeks back maintaining that under American pressure, former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf had pressurised him to read his (Muharraf’s) prepared scripts on television.

He also revealed that former prime minister Chaudhary Shujaat Hussain and renowned lawyer SM Zafar had witnessed the entire episode where he was being pressurised by the Musharraf regime.

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  1. samir sardana October 13, 2021

    Today is the day for AQK – the man who has secured the existence of the Islamic State of Pakistan.Jinnah created Pakistan – but AQK has secured it,forever,and he is the man,whose genius,will execute the telling blow, of the Ghazwa E Hind !

    His name will ring like a sonic boom,when the Pakistani Nukes,do the “rainfall saturation” on the Indians !

    It was the Indians who pilloried and vilified AQK,and tried to have him assassinated – and failed on every attempt.Even the CIA tried to kill AQK and failed !


    Can a man work in NASA,and then go to a LDC,and replicate a Moon Mission ?

    Can a man work in CERN,and replicate it in a LDC ?

    People will say NO CHANCE – but I say MAYBE !

    Can a man work in e Dutch Nuke lab and replicate the entire nuclear supply and value chain (mining,fuel rods,enrichment,warhead design,warhead fabrication,convert the enriched uranium into metallic form,make tritium…), logistics of imports,movement of funds, recruit and train N Scientists …. AND DO ALL THIS,UNDER THE NOSE OF MOSSAD,CIA,IAEA AND RAW – and then,SUCCESSFULLY DETONATE A DEVICE (with only prior simulated trials) ?

    People say “IMPOSSIBLE” ! And I say – That is GENIUS ! dindooohindoo

    Even from the time of Noah to date – no human has ever,replicated such a feat.The Giza is a marvel of human ingenuity,precision, magic and perfection – BUT NOT ABSOLUTE AND DIVINE GENIUS !

    SUCH GENIUS COMES ONLY TO THE BLESSED – AS WITHOUT ALLAH’s BLESSINGS – AQK WOULD HAVE FAILED.People forget that AQK started the centrifuge design with Maraging steel,in the 1st instance.

    The Quran was REVEALED to the Prophet,VIA AN ANGEL (A DIVINE MANIFESTATION) to make the Prophet Believer ! Moses and Abraham needed a voice,or a burning bush – but AQK needed only his brain,and devotion to Islam and his Creator !

    And inspite of the global vilification and calumny,courtesy the RAW,CIA and MOSSAD – he wavered NOT ONCE,in his devotion to Islam and his Islamic Nation – even at his age !

    And this is the model,for all modern Muslims today !

    Surely he is in Jannat !

    Jiye Jiye Pakistan !

    The Tip of the warheads in the “rainfall saturation”,on the Indians,should emboss the name AQK !

    A – Allah
    Q – Qayamat
    K – Kashmir

    If the Persians survive as a nation and a race – it will be due to AQK !


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