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Boy Loses Life To Rabies Due To Unavailability of Vaccine In Hospitals of Sindh

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A ten-year-old boy bitten by a stray dog lost his life to rabies in Larkana on Tuesday after seeking the rabies vaccine at two separate hospitals in Sindh.

The boy, identified as Mir Hasan, was taken to a hospital in Shikarpur following a dog bite. However, he could not be treated as there was no vaccine available at the hospital.

The boy’s parents informed media that they took their child to another hospital, Larkana’s Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Hospital, but it was also without the required vaccine. The boy subsequently succumbed to the disease.

Rabies Encephalitis is a viral disease involving the central nervous system and is transmitted through dog bites. If the vaccine to counter the infection is not given to the affected person timely, it results in death due to various health complications, chief among those being hydrophobia.


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