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Bilawal Criticises PM For Not Making A Strong Case For Kashmir At UNGA

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The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has said that the prime minister did not make a strong case for the plight of occupied Kashmir’s residents in his speech at the 74th United Nations General Assembly’s annual session.

The PPP chairman accused the ‘selected media’ of hyping the prime minister’s speech. He said, “Our selected prime minister is being appreciated on our selected media, but those who know about the plight of Kashmiris as well as the history of their struggle, understand that Pakistan’s government can play a vital role for our Kashmiri brethren.”

Bilawal was of the opinion that instead of focusing on other issues, Imran Khan should have solely focused on the Kashmir issue. He added that the PM’s speech made it seem that he had accepted the status quo as he did not emphasise the disputed status of the Kashmir territory in his speech.

Moreover, Bilawal said that it was important to talk about the human rights violations in occupied Kashmir but it was even more important to talk about the United Nations resolutions that granted Kashmiri residents the right to self-determination.

The legislator also stated that the prime minister had not done enough for Kashmir since the lockdown. He asked, “How many countries has he visited since Article 370 was repealed.”

He further added, “No matter how much our selected media and commentators laud and celebrate the premier’s speech, Pakistani public does not feel the same passion, they are disappointed.”

He added that this situation was similar to North Korea where people are lined up on streets to clap for their government and anchors are made to laud the government whenever the leader makes a speech or issues a statement.

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