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Bajaur Administration Imposes Ban On Using Motorbikes At Night

The district administration of Bajaur has imposed a ban on the use of motorbikes as a ‘precaution’ against terrorist activities.

According to a notification issued by Bajaur Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Usman, a complete ban on the movement of motorcycles from 7:00pm to 6:00am has been imposed in the tribal district.

The notification stated that a number of threat alerts had been received about the use of bikes in terrorist activity in and around the district.

It further stated that the district administration and law enforcement agencies had agreed that it was important to take security measures to prevent terrorist activity and loss of human lives. Hence, the decision to ban the use of bikes at night had been taken.

The notification was shared by the president of Bajaur Agency Press Club Hasban Ullah Khan on Twitter.

A politician from Bajaur Nizamuddin Khan reacted to the news. While sharing the post, he said that the ‘dark days’ in the tribal region were back.

Areas in former FATA are frequently a site of unnecessary bans on movement of people which have been criticised by rights activists.


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