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Bahria University To Enforce Gender Segregation Policy In Classrooms

Bahria University has issued fresh orders to all teachers to ensure that male and female students sit separately in classes, according to a notification issued by the university’s registrar office, dated August 30.

According to the notification, the university administration is required to ensure gender segregation in classrooms and discourage the formation of joint groups for academic work.

It further read that university administration should minimise the movement of students from one building to another within the university.

The university has also decided to end breaks available to students between classes while staff has been directed to increase the academic workload of students.

It is not clear yet whether the notification would be applicable in all the Bahria University campuses in the country or if it has been specially issued just for one campus or city.

The notification has been condemned on social media as users called out the university administration for its biased policies.

Earlier this month, the University of Engineering and Technology (UET) in Lahore had come under fire on social media for its decision to separate the sitting arrangements for male and female students.

According to a notification signed by the UET Lahore deputy registrar, the university issued orders to the administration to make separate sitting arrangements for male and female students in the cafeteria.

However, reports later suggested that the university had decided to withdraw the notification amid widespread outrage. Independent verification of these reports was not possible at the time.


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