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Authorities Shut Down Internet Access In Azad Kashmir

Pakistan has shut down internet access in Azad Kashmir as people protest India’s revocation of Article 370.

Data from Netblocks, an internet monitoring body, confirms that Pakistan has shut down internet access in Azad Kashmir. As of 7th September, PTCL networks have been shut in Kashmir while Kashmiris on this side of the Line of Control protest Indian action in occupied Kashmir.

According to a report by Netblocks, cellular disruptions have been observed in Kashmir at multiple times throughout August, with this being the longest disruption.

According to the internet observer, the timings of the internet shutdowns are consistent with the dates of major protests in Azad Kashmir.

Disruptions were also observed on the 15th of August, Indian Independence Day, when the protests were charged.

The internet shutdowns come in the wake of a curfew and total communication blackout in occupied Kashmir.

The situation in Azad Kashmir has recently gotten intense as protesters tried to march towards the Line of Control to protest Indian action on the other side.


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