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ASI In Lodhran Arrested For Torturing Man

Reports of torture in police custody have increased in frequency in recent weeks. However, stories of police torture seem unending as a new case has come to light.

On Friday, a video that went viral on social media showed a Jalla Arain Police Station official torturing a man in Lodhran.

According to a report in Dawn, the video showed Assistant Sub-Inspector Mukhtiar Masood torturing a man against whom a complaint was registered at the police station.

The police official was torturing the man at the home of the complainant while a huge number of people were watching.

Reportedly, the torture victim had been arrested and brought to the home of the complainant. The ASI beat the man with a stick in front of the local people.

Some people tried to stop the police official, warning him that he was being recorded and that he should take the man to the police station.

Meanwhile, Lodhran District Police Officer (DPO) Malik Jameel Zafar has taken action against ASI Mukhtiar. The DPO has lodged a First Information Report against the ASI and arrested him.

Following the arrest, the DPO informed media that the FIR had been registered under the Police Order. He added that though the incident had occurred two months back, he had taken swift action when he became aware of it.

The DPO emphasised that nobody was above the law and even a police officer would face action for such offences.

The arrest of the ASI comes amidst reports of custodial deaths and police torture cells being unearthed.

It remains to be seen whether a complete respite from police torture will be seen. Just yesterday, the Senate Standing Committee on Human Rights expressed its resolve to make all the necessary efforts to pass the anti-torture bill that would soon be tabled in the senate.


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