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5 Cutest On-Screen Couples From The Vintage Lollywood

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Lollywood, with its nostalgic charm, is a galaxy of gorgeous couples that we don’t see on screen anymore. But their irreplaceable chemistry contributed immensely to the “Golden Era” of the Pakistani film industry during the first few decades of independence.

1. Sabiha Khanum and Santosh Kumar

Sabiha Khanum co-starred with Santosh Kumar in her debut film Beli (1950), and the couple continued to charm the cine-goers for more than a decade. It was the first aspiring romantic couple in the Pakistani film industry. Their off-screen marriage came as a warm surprise to everyone, and it wasn’t hard to imagine their on-screen chemistry in real life. After marrying the love of her life and having three kids with him, Sabiha starred in several super-hit films like Waada (1957) alongside Santosh.

2. Zeba and Muhammad Ali – AliZaib

‘Ship names’ might be a millennial term, but our grandparents came up with one for Zeba and Muhammad Ali long before we were born. Ali met Zeba the first time in 1962 during the filming of their debut movie Chirag Jalta Raha (1962) and got married four years later. Both of these giants of Lollywood had versatile and critically acclaimed careers to their names, with Ali playing the lead actor in 94 films and Zeba working with 64 different directors. This powerhouse couple engaged in social activism, setting up the Ali-Zaib Foundation for Thalassemia patients in 1995.

3. Zeba and Waheed Murad

After starring opposite each other for the first time in the 1962 film Aulad, this couple set off a chain of blockbusters gaining massive popularity and gaining big bucks for their producers in the process. Waheed and Zeba starring opposite each other became a common site during 1964 and 1968, and their brilliant on-screen chemistry resulted in super-hit productions like Heera Aur Pathar, Armaan and Jahan Tum Wahan Hum. However, after Zeba’s marriage to Muhammad Ali, Pakistani fans were robbed of the delight to see this gorgeous couple together, since Ali wanted Zeba to co-star with him only. It can be argued that Zeba’s chemistry with Waheed Murad was far more powerful and natural than it was with Ali, perhaps because she was Waheed’s age, not Ali’s.

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4. Shabnam and Nadeem Baig

Shabnam might be the only female star in the history of the subcontinent to have achieved enormous success playing romantic leads for almost three decades. Making her debut in 1961 with Bengali movie Harano Dil, by 1970 Shabnam was already popularly accepted as one of the best actresses in Pakistan. Despite co-starring with several male actors, her chemistry with Nadeem Baig stands out. Reflexively natural, the dynamic duo was effortlessly romantic. Both were originally from Bengal. After Robin Ghosh married Shabnam in 1966, the three of them formed a formidable partnership with director Nazar ul-Islam, delivering hits after hits. Movies like Aaina, Bandish, Pehchan, and Anari were some of the biggest blockbusters Pakistani cinema would ever produce.

5. Firdaus and Ejaz Durrani

Best known for their chemistry in Heer Ranjha (1970), this trailblazing couple set an exemplary standard with their acting and collaborative chemistry. Their film is a national icon, its popularity spreading across the subcontinent and representing the Pakistani film industry at various international forums and festivals for decades afterward. This on-screen (and off-screen) couple shared several other appearances, setting new standards every time.

Honorary mentions:

Shabnam and Waheed Murad

Babra Sharif and Nadeem

Babra Sharif and Shahid

Reema Khan and Shaan Shahid

Sahiba and Afzal Khan

Reema Khan and Babar Ali


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