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Resolution To Export Stray Dogs Tabled In Sindh Assembly To Check Dog Population

A PTI legislator has come up with a solution to deal with the issue of rising stray dogs in Karachi.

According to local media reports, a resolution has been tabled in the Sindh Assembly by PTI legislator Seema Zia regarding this issue. The said resolution calls for the export of stray dogs abroad.

While putting forth the resolution, the lawmaker said that the number of stray dogs is rising in Karachi and that there exist currently one hundred stray dogs in the mega city.

Seema Zia also brought to attention the ricing incidents of dog bites in the city, along with the problem of people being afflicted with rabies.

The legislator was also of the view that shortage of vaccinations worsens the situation.

In the resolution, the PTI MPA made the proposal of exporting stray dogs to China and the Philippines.

Currently, to deal with the rising population of stray dogs, civic officials either poison or shoot the dogs. This is seen as harsh by many and animal rights activists frequently criticise these moves.

The idea to export dogs seems humane, but the resolution fails to take into account whether the intended recipient countries are willing to accept them.


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