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Rawalpindi Police To Look Into Suspect’s Connections In Bid To Investigate Student’s Rape

Rawalpindi police are going to investigate the connections of the suspect involved in the kidnapping and sexual assault of a university student.

Police on Friday had arrested a couple on the suspicion of kidnapping, raping, and filming a student.

According to a report in Dawn, the police are going to continue with their investigation by carrying out interviews of people close to the male suspect. The police are under the suspicion that the suspect is concealing information that could reveal his facilitators.

The police plan to seek the services of the Federal Investigation Agency to aid in analysing the suspect’s laptop and mobile phone.

Authorities have found ten pornographic videos on the suspect’s mobile device and are under the suspicion that he may have shared these videos with someone abroad. They are currently awaiting his financial transaction details that they have sought from the State Bank. Moreover, police have also sought the suspects’ travel details.

On August 3, a First Information Report had been registered against the couple when a student approached police and alleged to have been kidnapped and sexually assaulted.

The student said that she had taken a lift after attending a workshop outside Gordon College from a woman who pretended to be a student.

She further narrated how the man who came to pick up the woman took her to a house in Rawalpindi’s Gulshan Colony while the woman held a knife to her throat. She was then sexually assaulted while the woman filmed her.


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