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Pakistan’s Decisive Role In Forging A Solution To The Kashmir Crisis


Pakistan must not stay silent over Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and work towards contesting its case in an effective manner on the diplomatic front, writes Talha Qadir. 

I don’t need to narrate India’s brutish acts in Jammu and Kashmir. I tweeted, this Monday, that we don’t have time to waste in understanding the background or diplomatic conspiracy behind Modi’s ‘predictable’ desperate moves and maintained that it was the time to react.

Critical and significant footnote here is that sane Indian minds, including the majority of public and opposition, are not ready to own such aggressive actions.

If a bullet crosses an individual in a candid situation, without any doubt, he will react instead of thinking about the motive/reason behind the attack. Having said that, Is Pakistan’s claim of owning Kashmir and its people a joke?

It was very unfortunate to hear such superficial and self-interest-based debates by our parliamentarians. It is unfortunate that they were busy point-scoring even on such a critical issue.

There is no need to consider Shehbaz Sharif’s advice of dealing with Afghanistan in light of the Kashmir issue. Our peace and stability are also dependent on Afghanistan’s (a state of our Muslim brothers) peace and stability. We don’t need to reverse our decision on Kartarpur corridor either. We, as a nation, are responsible for them. I bet that the majority of our Parliamentarians are neither aware of Islamic required conduct (talking about “Islamic Republic of Pakistan”) nor about real diplomatic position of Jammu and Kashmir as per international laws and regulations.

Federal Minister Fawad Chaudhry’s position was comparatively better and principled. But I am not in the position to claim his real motive behind it.

Nobody needs to be reminded that at the time of separation/independence, it was decided under the supervision of Mountbatten that the annexation of this disputed region would be as per the will of its people. So, Maharaja Hari Singh had no jurisdiction to decide it alone.

Can the sole legal owner sell the property without consulting the beneficiaries? Would equity allow it? Thus, factually the “Instrument of Accession” had no legal basis and it was Pakistan’s failure that it was unable to convince international institutions and especially the community to this point.

It won’t be wrong to say that India was successful in telling the world about Pakistan’s alleged military involvement in India and Jammu Kashmir, while we could not fight our case on the diplomatic front. For some the Kashmiri insurgents were freedom fighters and for others they were terrorists. Irrespective of the judge’s bias or affiliations, a lawyer’s first and foremost duty is to roar crystal clear arguments. Laws and the audience in the court room also play a role in decision-making.

Having said that, nobody teaches our Pakistan Studies students that Hari Singh in ‘Instrument of Accession’ compelled India to give Kashmir an independent and autonomous status as was given under the recently abrogated article 370.

It was also clearly mentioned that no change can be made in it unilaterally. By abrogating it, India has also made the document (already illegal) null and void. It’s crystal clear that it’s not, geographically, the internal issue of the state of India.

India is committing grave violations of UN charters and many other such agreements. 9/11 was a mere attack on one building of the United States. Without having sound proofs and being proactive, the member states of NATO became highly sensitive to ensure peace in the world. While using their excellent abilities, their leader US lso prevented the whole world from chemical damage of Iraq. But ironically, the selective peace organisation (NATO) is acting as silent spectator as 13 million population is being subjected to cruelty.

Now addressees are the Muslims and the state (Islamic Republic of Pakistan), the bare minimum interpretation of Jihad in Islam is to stand and fight in the defense when any of your brother/sister innocent Muslim is being attacked (not subscribing to Syed Qutab’s interpretation). Your brothers are being butchered and sisters are being raped. The cost of a funeral is many more deaths. It’s not moral obligation merely, we are under strict duty to stand for them.

Moreover, Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Siraj-ul-Haq was right in pointing out that their next target would be Gilgit. Keep struggling in every possible way, as the word of Jihad, used in Quran, means ‘to struggle’ not ‘to fight’ in particular. Roar your voices so the whole world can hear. Remember how America was forced to end Vietnam War.

My act of writing this article is also a jihad in my capacity. But more importantly, the state has to react and take a firm stance. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government needs to do its homework and present the country’s case before the international community in an effective manner.




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  1. Rudaba Saleem August 11, 2019

    Excellent arguments. More Power to you ♥️


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