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Pakistani Girl Plays First-Ever Hijabi Character In New Spider-Man Film

LONDON: Pakistani-born actress Zoha Rahman, while talking to Geo News about her role as the first ever Hijabi character in the blockbuster movie Spider-Man: Far from Home, said she used her role in the film to highlight the fact that millions of women who wear hijab are ordinary people like the rest of us.

The actress said that originally the role did not require her to wear the hijab but later she was asked if she would be comfortable covering her head. “I instantly agreed to the idea,” she added.

Talking further about her role in the superhero movie, Rahman said, “Originally, my role was supposed to be a diverse role as part of the diverse characters being represented in the film. When I was offered the option of wearing a hijab for the role, I agreed because I wanted to be a positive role model for many women.”

She further said, “Muslims are mostly shown in negative or weak characters in movies. My role in this superhero movie provided me the chance to represent all those women who cover their heads with hijab as being strong, funny and intelligent women, rather than being oppressed.

Zoha Rahman was born in Pakistan and hails from Jhelum. She moved to London seven years ago and took up modeling while continuing her studies. She finished her law degree from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and has temporarily shelved her plans to pursue further education to concentrate on her acting career.

Talking about her acting journey, the young actress said, “I started my modeling career in London which led towards acting roles in different projects. Then my portfolio was sent to the casting directors of Marvel and I was invited to audition for the Spider-man movie after which I was handed the life-changing role.”

The film is shot at different location across Europe and Zoha was filmed in London, Prague and Venice over a period of a few months. In the film, she plays the role of Spider-man’s friend who travels with him around Europe.

Zoha also said that Pakistani dramas and shows are very popular all over the world. She also said that Pakistanis are very talented, off and on camera. “Getting roles in international films validates the immense talent of Pakistanis,” she added.

Currently, the Pakistani-born actress is working on a Netfilx project and has also landed a few other roles for herself. “Though I cannot get into the details of my roles due to privacy contract, but what I can tell you is that all my roles are different from each other.”

“Maybe one day I would also be able to practice law as well,” she concluded.


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