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New Tourist Spot Developed In The Galiyat Region

The government of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province is endeavouring to enhance tourism in the area and is in the process of creating a new tourist spot in the Galiyat region.

The tourist spot in question differs from the rest in that it is not a result of nature but instead happens to be a man-made lake.

This has been stated in a report about KP government’s measures for the development of tourism shared with KP Chief Minister Mahmood Khan and Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Giving details about the report to media, the spokesperson of the Galiyat Development Authority Ihsan Hameed said that the department had been working on improving new tourist spots in the Galiyat area.

In this regard, the government has provided the facility of motorized boats, kayaks and swings at the new man-made lake. Moreover, tuck shops along with basic residential facilities have also been set up.

Ihsan Hameed also informed media of plans to host water games in the area in order to attract a greater number of tourists.

For the development of this tourist spot and related projects in tourism areas, funds have been allocated in the Annual Development Programme by the KP government.

The information and pictures regarding the new tourist spot was shared by the social media account of the ruling party on twitter.

Recent measures by the KP government to develop tourism in the area also include the handing over of around 160 government-owned guest houses to the tourism department of the province. The move was aimed at facilitating the renting out of these guest houses to the public through an online portal.


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