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Modi Govt Revokes Article 370: ‘To All Indians Who Rejoice This, It Is The Death Of Your Democracy’

This article is based upon a detailed thread posted on Twitter by Hafsa Matto [@mattohafsa]


The Modi-led Hindu nationalist government has gone ahead with its promise to end the special status of Jammu and Kashmir in the Indian union by revoking Article 370.

But what Article 370 was? What does the move entail? What are the consequences, especially for the Kashmiri people?

The Article 370 was at the heart of Jammu and Kashmir’s conditional accession to India. It guaranteed the state a special status and a great degree of autonomy, including exemption from the Indian constitution.

The most important result of this autonomy was that only the state subjects [Kashmiris] can own property in Kashmir. These state subjects were defined as “persons born or settled within the state before 1911 or after having lawfully acquired immovable property and resident in the state for not less than 10 years before that date”.

Now the abrogation of Article 370 means India would have unchecked access to and ownership of Kashmiri land. The first step to how occupied territories are erased off world maps.

Moreover, the central government had a say in Kashmir only on three matters: defence, foreign affairs, and finance and communications. Everything else needed to go through the elected state government.

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These representatives are today locked up while such major decisions are being taken in parliament. Enough to say how India intends to treat Kashmir and its people once this last protection is gone.

This is a direct attack on the political status of Kashmir – on the demography of Kashmir, on the last of hope that Kashmiris have had to exercise the right to self-determination. It would give yet another free-hand to the Indian state to do whatever they like with us.

Also, as many would argue, this was the only thing that made India a legitimate power in the state. With it gone, it’s nothing but an occupational force.

To all Indians who rejoice this, this is the death of your democracy. You may celebrate this today, but remember that you will be at the receiving end tomorrow. Just like this, without consultation, without discussion, major decisions on your fate will unfold right before your eyes.

The accession to India was temporary until a plebiscite. Did that happen? The blind shall stay blind. Nothing I say will change that. Light comes from within.


To check original Twitter thread, please click https://twitter.com/mattohafsa/status/1158260662839185408


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