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Maryam On Kashmir Issue: Opp Shouldn’t Lend Support To A Govt Plunging Pakistan Into This Crisis

Blasting Prime Minister Imran Khan for his inability to anticipate the recent developments concerning Indian-held Kashmir (IHK), PML-N vice-president Maryam Nawaz on Monday said the opposition should not extend any support to a non-representative government that had brought Pakistan to its knees in every possible way.

Any support lent to this government will lead to graver disasters, she said, adding that all the PTI government could do was to “surrender” and “capitulate”.

In a series of tweets, Maryam, warning the opposition to “beware”, said the government was “desperately looking for support to cover up the blunders that it has committed which have had serious implications on Pakistan”.

“Do not give them a bail out. They are the ones responsible for plunging Pakistan into this crisis.”

Maryam demanded that the people of Pakistan must be told what commitments were sought by and given to the US by Imran.

She questioned was the offer for mediation a trap that he walked into and gloated over, or he as usual had no clue about what was being planned by the enemy?

Addressing Imran, she asked him whether he failed to anticipate what was coming and was either completely oblivious to the preparations that Indian government was undertaking or were a part of that. “Tell us the truth.”

Maryam also said that Imran is so obsessed and occupied with fixing his political rivals that he became completely and criminally oblivious to the challenges that had engulfed Pakistan. “You have wreaked irreversible damage not only to the country but to Kashmiris who needed a strong Pakistan to support them.”


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