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Man Seeks Divorce From Wife Bent On Feeding Him Ladoos

A man in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is looking to divorce his wife. The reason, which many may find surprising yet amusing, is that his better half only gives him ‘ladoos’ to eat.

The man, a resident of Meerut district, went to a family court and claimed that his wife is under the influence of a ‘tantrik’ (shaman), and that he was only given ladoos by her to eat.

The man, describing his predicament to the authorities, said that his wife gave him four ladoos to eat in the morning followed by four more in the evening.

The case may be deemed as petty, but an interesting fact is that the couple has been married for 10 years and have three children.

The man said that he had been unwell, as a result of which his wife approached the ‘tantrik’ who asked her to only give him ladoos to eat.

Officials at the family counselling centre were unsurprisingly puzzled over the husband’s pretext for seeking divorce.

A counselor reportedly said that they could intervene by calling the couple for counselling but could not possibly treat the woman for being superstitious. They said that the woman firmly believes in the ability of ladoos to cure her husband and was unwilling to accept otherwise.


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