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Man Booked In Taxila For Uploading Anti-State Material On Social Media

Police in Taxila are currently on the lookout for a man booked for uploading anti-state material on his social media account.

The suspect in question, Sheraz Khan Mohmand, is a resident of Peshawar, currently living in Attock. The case against him was registered under sections 123A of the Pakistan Penal Code and the Maintenance of Public Order. The charges include uploading defamatory posts on social media against state institutions.

The First Information Report also said that Sheraz Khan was engaged in inciting people against the state in his neighbourhood.

In recent years, Pakistan has witnessed an increase in charges of sedition and high treason. People who have faced these charges include everyone from government officials to journalists, and youngsters taking part in rights movements.

With proliferation of media organizations and increased access to social media, expression of opinion both in favour and against the state is bound to rise. In such a scenario, the charge of being anti-state has seemingly become a tool to silence any form of dissent or criticism of state policies, even if said criticism does not provoke sentiment against the state.


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