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Kashmir: The UAE, The Maldives Back India’s Decision To Revoke Article 370

As a yet another proof of Pakistan’s isolation at the world stage, the UAE’s ambassador to India, Ahmad Al Banna, said New Delhi’s decision to revoke Article 370, thus revoking the special status of Occupied Kashmir [Jammu and Kashmir] was an “internal matter” and the move would lead to peace, TRT World said.

Similarly, The Maldives has said that India’s decision to amend Article 370 and to bifurcate Occupied Kashmir is an internal matter for India, adding that every nation has the right to amend their laws as required.

In comments reported by the Emirati newspaper Gulf News, Al Banna said, “We expect that the changes would improve social justice and security and confidence of the people in the local governance and will encourage further stability and peace.”

Under the de facto leadership of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, the UAE has moved to distance itself from crises and disputes involving majority Muslim populations.

In Palestine, it has drawn closer to Israel diplomatically and backed the Trump administration’s controversial ‘Deal of the Century’ peace plan, which would see the Palestinians relinquish a majority of their territorial claims, pay Israel for its ‘security’, and accept nominal sovereignty.

The UAE was one of eight states to back China’s programme of interning Muslim Uighurs in ‘re-education’ camps, in which they are forced to drop Islamic practices and adopt Chinese cultural norms.

It has also backed President Donald Trump’s ban on Muslims from several states entering the US.

Meanwhile, The Maldives said it “considers the decision taken by the Government of India regarding Article 370 of the Indian Constitution as an internal matter.” 

“We believe that it is the right of every sovereign nation to amend their laws as required,” it said in a statement.


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