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Karachi Mayor Suspends Kamal As Project Director Garbage For ‘Politicising’ The Issue

KARACHI: Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar on Tuesday suspended Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) chief Mustafa Kamal from the position of Project Director Garbage. Kamal’s suspension comes just 24 hours after he was designated for the job.

Talking to media persons, Akhtar said that, “I appointed him because he sincerely wanted to solve the city’s garbage problems. Unfortunately, after Kamal held a press conference last night, it became apparent that he was using the issue for political mileage.”

“I am hereby suspending Kamal from the position of Project Manager Garbage,” he added.

Earlier, Kamal had criticised the working of the municipal department of Karachi and had got into a war of words with the mayor over this matter. The former also held a press conference where he showed his willingness to resolve the issue of the city’s waste disposal within three months.

Mayor Akhtar responded to the claim by appointing Kamal as Project Director Garbage on a voluntary basis. The offer was accepted by Kamal who said he would work tirelessly to resolve the city’s garbage problem. He also pledged to submit the progress report directly to the mayor.

Further, Kamal said that by appointing him for the position, the mayor from the Muttahida Qaumi Movement-Pakistan (MQM-P) had accepted his failure to address the garbage issue and asked him to resign from his post.

Addressing a press conference, Akhtar said, “Kamal was interested in resolving the issues being faced by the provincial metropolis and was willing to take charge of municipal tasks.”

“I responded positively to his request for the greater good of the city. Everything that he said about me and to me on a personal and professional level is a matter of record, but I decided to set those differences aside and grant him the position.”

“Unfortunately, my sincere approach was misinterpreted,” he added.

Akhtar also said that the issue was being politicised and that Kamal used the decision to address a rally of party workers and also used the media to target me inappropriately. “This proves that he is not sincere and only wanted to play politics on the issue,” he added.

Moreover, Akhtar said that instead of giving media statements, Kamal should have come to the municipal works department head office and given a formal joining there. “You should have discussed your 90-day plan with us so that the matter could have been taken forward in all seriousness,” he added.

The mayor said that instead Kamal called a press conference and tried to act like a mayor. He further said that Kamal was actually given a position in which he was required to work under the guidance of the mayor’s office to resolve the garbage issue of the city.

Responding to the PSP chief’s claims made during the press conference, Akhtar said that Kamal claimed that he was responsible for municipal services of the 130 union committees and four municipal corporations that were controlled by the MQM-P.

Further, while addressing Kamal, Akhtar said, “You are not a member of the National Accountability Bureau and you have no authority to summon the financial records and other files of the department.”

“In light of the ongoing situation, I have decided to suspend Kamal from the position with immediate effect,” he added.

Meanwhile, responding to Akhtar’s allegations, Kamal said, “I would not have contacted the mayor if I was interested in playing politics.” He also said that he rejected help from non-governmental organisations because he “wanted to bring the state machinery into use”.

He further said that the current resources available to the mayor were enough to resolve Karachi’s garbage disposal issue.


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