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Is A Remake Of ‘Alpha Bravo Charlie’ On The Cards?

Whispers of a new TV drama serial being produced by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) director general (DG) have been doing rounds for a while now, and it is believed that the TV serial will focus on the lives of those working in the Pakistani military.

There were rumours that the serial would be released on the Independence Day of the country this year, but it did not happen.

The talk of an ISPR funded TV serial has been reignited once again after Osman Khalid Butt shared a picture of himself on social media with actors Ahad Raza Mir and Wahaj Ali, taken outside Lawrence College in uniforms. The picture was accompanied by the caption “SSG.”

The picture has left many people wondering whether the famous 1990s military drama Alpha Bravo Charlie was getting a remake.

The rumours about the possible remake of 90s drama gained momentum after ISPR DG sent a tweet to Ahad Mir on his engagement with actress Sajal Aly, in which he exposed Mir’s role as Captain Saad in an upcoming serial.

Butt and Mir have impressed audiences and critics with their good acting skills in the past, and it is believed that if a remake of Alpha Bravo Charlie is actually on the cards, then these two actors would do complete justice to their roles. Similarly, Ali is known for his acting skills with the help of which he can provide comic relief in serious situations.

For now, fans and audiences can only wait for verifiable news about the remake of the iconic 90s TV serial.


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