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Govt Moves SC To Get Bahria Town Fine Transferred to Public Fund

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ISLAMABAD: The federal government on Thursday requested the Supreme Court (SC) to transfer the fine deposited by Bahria Town to the public fund.

Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan referred to the Constitution and said that, “Any money received by the Supreme Court can be deposited to the federal public account.”

He requested the honourable court to give permission for the transfer of the fine deposited by Bahria Town to the public account.

On hearing the request, the apex court issued a notice to the Sindh government in connection with this matter.

Meanwhile, Justice Azmat Saeed gave an assurance that the matter would be dealt with per the Constitution and said, “No order will be issued without hearing the views of the Sindh government.”

Earlier, the apex court had accepted Bahria Town’s offer to purchase 17,000 acres of land for a wholesome amount of Rs460 billion.

The counsel for Bahria Town, namely Barrister Syed Ali Zafar, informed the court that his client was willing to pay Rs25 billion as down payment, out of which Rs15 billion had already been paid.

He further said that the remaining amount would be paid over a period of seven years by dividing the payments in installments of Rs2.25 billion per month for the first four years, while the outstanding amount would be paid in equal installments over the next three years.

It merits mention here that Bahria Town has to make the said payment over a period of seven years and the first installment of Rs25 billion is due on August 27.


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