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Aslan’s Roar: Navid Shahzad Discusses TV And Culture In Her Debut Book

Renowned actor, director and academic Navid Shahzad launched her debut book “Aslan’s Roar” with a reading from the publication in Lahore.

Published by Sang e Meel Publications, ‘Aslan’s Roar’ is a 400-page research work which discusses the symbiotic nature of television and culture while positioning present day media narratives and fiction amidst powerful trends influencing contemporary TV myth making.

Arguing for the possibility of a ‘middle way’ for Muslims positioned between a seductive modernity and tradition through a study of Turkish and Muslim identities as represented in western and non-western film and TV narratives, the book examines the Turkish TV industry in detail and makes a case for the rise of a Muslim hero as a counterfoil to the prevailing dominant image of the western hero.

The book has received critical appraise with Arundhati Roy’s literary agent, terming it as ‘brilliantly written’, while noted Pakistani poet and author Harris Khalique described it as a “remarkably insightful work on the emergence and growth of Turkish TV drama”.

The book launch featured an introduction to the author by former FBR Chairman Salman Siddiq who spoke about his onetime mentor at the Department of English Literature, the Punjab University, with much appreciation.

About the launch of the book, Navid Shahzad said, “The event was a marvellous but humbling experience. Old friends and new came to listen, share and celebrate. In many ways, the evening was reminiscent of a Lahore that appears to be vanishing. Talking about books, music and the arts was a special feature of this magical city and this evening has inspired me to have such events on a fortnightly basis. I plan on calling it ‘The Salon Series’.”

Navid Shahzad is an iconic television, theatre and radio veteran and is one of the pioneering names associated with PTV. As an academic, she taught drama and poetry as associate professor at the University of the Punjab for three decades before moving on as principal of The Pakistan School of Fashion Design. She followed that up with setting up Pakistan’s first liberal arts Beaconhouse National University where she is also designated distinguished professor of Performing Arts.

Deeply interested in literature, media studies and music, the Navid Shahzad has finished writing a film script and is currently working on another book while reading scripts for her next film and TV ventures.

Aslan’s Roar is available nationwide at Liberty Books, Variety Books in Lahore and Mr Books and Saeed Book Bank in Islamabad. The paperback version will shortly make an appearance on digital platforms such as Amazon and Kindle.


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