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A Truck Driver`s Daughter Achieves Highest Marks In Punjab University History

Image Courtesy: SAMAA

Noshaba Zafar was persuing her BSc from VIP Girls Degree College, Talagang, an affiliate of Punjab University. It was on Tuesday when the university announced annual examination results and Zafar scored 714 marks out of a total of 800.

Zafar was invited to Naya Din on SAMAA TV where she expressed her desire to be a lecturer.“I want to be a lecturer to serve our people. I want to fulfill all my deceased father’s wishes,” Zafar said.

According to SAMAA, Zafar after completing her BSc wishes to pursue a masters degree. It was after her parents passed away when Zafar`s grandparents encouraged her to study.

I was not one of those kids who would only study. I kept time for other activities too,” said Zafar. As per Zafar`s remarks on SAMAA, she mentioned that academics were always her topmost priority but she kept other activities along.“My message for all those who can’t afford an education is that you all should work hard in order to get scholarships,” she said.

According to VIP Degree Girls College Principal, “This is a record on its own,” she said. In the university`s 137 years history, until Zafar, none had these record marks as per the Principal`s statement quoted in SAMAA.



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