Winds Of Change? – Nicki Minaj To Perform In Saudi Arabia

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Winds Of Change? – Nicki Minaj To Perform In Saudi Arabia

US rapper Nicki Minaj is all set to perform in Saudi Arabia, AFP reported.

Minaj will perform in Jeddah on July 18, organisers of the ongoing Jeddah Season cultural festival announced on Twitter, setting off a social media storm.

The rapper is famous for her profanity-laced lyrics and bold music videos. “She (Minaj) is going to be actively on her social media, she’ll be posting right from the stage in Jeddah and at her hotel in Jeddah,” said Robert Quirke, an event organiser.  “Everyone is going to know that Nicki Minaj has landed in Saudi Arabia,” he added.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has pursued a sweeping liberalisation drive that has led to new cinemas, concerts, and sporting extravaganzas in the kingdom.

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