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Who Will Accompany Imran During His US Visit? ‘Top Military Brass Is Likely To Be’

As Prime Minister Imran Khan is scheduled to reach in the US on July 21, The News, quoting official sources, reported that he is likely be accompanied by Pakistan’s top military brass. However, the Pakistan embassy has so far avoided any confirmation.

Although details of his official schedule haven’t been shared yet, it is believed that Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, adviser on finance, adviser on trade and investment and other cabinet members would be part of the delegation.

Imran will meet President Donald Trump, including an expected one-on-one meeting, on July 22 at the White House and is also supposed to address the Pakistani and business communities. The two sides would also hold a delegation-level interaction to discuss bilateral and regional concerns.

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The sources added that since the Trump administration is desperate to sort out issues related to US withdrawal from Afghanistan and seek Pakistan’s help for the purpose, the military brass is also likely to be in town around the same time.

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Pakistan recently hosted the first Afghan Peace Conference where representatives of key Afghan political parties participated. The conference was followed by Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s key visit to Islamabad.

Ghani met Prime Minister Imran Khan and government officials from both sides held high level talks. Efforts to arrange the Khan-Trump meeting have been underway since the US president announced in March that he was looking forward to meeting “the new leadership in Pakistan.”

In the past, the Trump administration had taken hard line on Pakistan, but quite recently has been taking steps to help resolve mutual concerns.


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