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US To Softening Travel Advisory For Pakistan: Abdul Razak Dawood

Adviser to PM on Commerce Abdul Razak Dawood said the United States has assured Pakistan that it will soften its travel advisory, enabling Islamabad to attract foreign investors, The Express Tribune reported.

“I have discussed this matter with my counterpart during the US visit and he has assured me that they will look into this matter,” the PM’s close aide said.

“I came to know that they are going to be soft on this issue,” he added.

A travel advisory is a formal warning issued by a government or international organisation, which advises caution to travellers going to specified countries due to various reasons.

The US had imposed the travel advisory, which is hurting the economy of Pakistan.

Dawood said if the US withdrew its travel advisory, then Pakistan would be able to initiate business activities with America. Pakistan had requested the US to make investment in the country, especially in food technology, as there were vast opportunities in the sector, he said.


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