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TV Anchor Person Shot Dead In Karachi

A local news channel anchor person, Mureed Abbas was gunned down in Karachi following a dispute over money. As per reports, Abbas, associated with Bol News along with his friend Khizer were allegedly killed by Atif Zaman.

Mureed was in business with the alleged killer. Zaman had to pay back a debt to the TV anchor. To do so he called Mureed at his office in Khayban-e-Bukhari DHA, Karachi.

Zaman after gunning down Mureed and Khizer fled the scene and later tried to commit suicide. According to the Police, Zaman is in serious condition and has been admitted to a hospital.

Mureed`s wife in a video told about the alleged killer and details of his interaction with Mureed.

“We had invested our money in his business and he [Zaman] wasn’t giving it back to us and others, he would always make excuses,” she added.

Members from the civil society, journalists and others condemned the incident. Many of Mureed`s colleagues in media remembered their encounters with him.



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