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Traders Call Not Justified: Shabbar Zaidi

ISLAMABAD: The Federal Board of Revenue Chairman Shabbar Zaidi said that there was no justification for strike calls by traders. Zaidi reiterated his stance that FBR won’t back out from the Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) condition.

The said condition requires traders to submit CNICs of their relevant buyers and sellers in a transaction of more than Rs 50,000, as per The News.

“The purpose of getting CNIC is documentation of economy. Finally, it will be the decision of the prime minister to take an ultimate decision, but as far as the FBR is concerned, it is clear that we will not back out from the CNIC condition,” added Zaidi.

Traders across the country are on the verge of a grand strike whereas Karachi being the trading hub will be affected the most. Traders from Karachi called on Prime Minister Imran Khan along with the government’s economic team to discuss their issues.

While discussing the issues to work out a solution, government benches remain adamant to enforce the CNIC condition. In a statement reported by The News, Zaidi added, “They are ready to accept all other tax measures if the government withdraws CNIC condition.”

Zaidi remarked the importance of the CNIC condition towards the documentation of economy. It is worth mentioning here that during the recent negotiations with the International Monetary Fund and the Financial Action Task Force, the government has been asked to enforce such measures, which lead towards documentation.

A trader from Saddar, Karachi told Naya Daur that majority of the associations compel them to follow the strike call. However, traders still continue to work behind closed shutters, he said.

“Why should I stop working?”, another trader added.

Traders and the incumbent government are still in a negotiation phase where the ultimate decision to give relief or not lies with the Prime Minister.


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