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Senators With Foreign Properties

11 Pakistani Senators own properties abroad according to details of assets and liabilities of senators issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan. ECP details were for the financial year ending June 30, 2018.

Here are the following Senators:

  • Azam Khan Swati (PTI)

The former minister for Science and Technology and the incumbent one for parliamentary affairs tops the list with assets up to Rs.1.84 billion in and outside of Pakistan. Details reveal that Swati holds ten properties in the United States and UAE worth up to Rs.502 million. Swati further has a business capital of Rs448.8m abroad.

  • Taj Afridi

Taj Afridi hails from erstwhile FATA and is declared one of the richest senators so far. His assets are up to Rs.1.05 billion while 157 million worth of assets is held abroad.

  • Aurangzeb Khan

Aurangzeb Khan who also hails from erstwhile FATA has investments in 11 UAE companies while 10 properties in Pakistan, one of them includes an 11 Kanal residential house in Murree.

  • Rahila Magsi

Rahila Magsi hails from PMLN. She has one flat each in London and Dubai valuing Rs34.76m and Rs12.30m, respectively with liabilities of 3.89 million in the United Kingdom.

  • Shaheen Khalid Butt

Shaheen hails from PMLN, she owns two properties in the United States with a stated market value of $2.2 million.

  • Senator Nuzhat Sadiq

Nuzhat has declared a property in the United States in the name of her spouse with a cost of Rs.3.6 million and a stated market value of Rs.20 million respectively.

  • Rehman Malik

The former interior minister from the Pakistan Peoples Party owns a flat in London valued at 1.3 million pounds. Malik has secured a mortgage of 1.1 million pounds. He also has 53,520 dirhams in a joint account with his spouse at Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB).

  • Mohammad Ayub

Ayub hails from ruling PTI, his assets are worth up to Rs.950 million. He holds a house and business in Dubai with investment in the UK.

  • Musadik Malik

Senator Musadik Malik from PMLN holds a 25% share along with his spouse in an apartment in Bahrain while the other 50 % has not been revealed by the Senator.

  • Senator Barrister Saif

Senator Barrister Saif has given an advance of the equivalent to Rs. 1.4 million for a studio apartment in Dubai.

  • Mustafa Nawaz Khokha

Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar who is also a spokesperson for Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has a one-third share in a house in the UK.  The cost of that share stands at Rs.8.16 million.

  • Farogh Naseem

Farogh Naseem who also holds the law minister portfolio in the federal capital has a business capital of  Rs79.9m abroad. The total worth of his assets is over Rs480m — Rs117m in the form of cash and prize bonds and Rs215m in bank accounts.

  • Sadiq Sanjrani

Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani owns a business company in Malaysia which, according to his statement, has not been operational since 2008. He has net assets worth Rs100m.

Dawn reports that other senators who have a business capital abroad include Chaudhry Tanvir Khan of the PML-N, Atiq Sheikh of the MQM, Mir Kabir Shahi of the National Party and Shahzaib Durrani of the PML-N. PPP Senator Rubina Khalid has 40,000 pounds in a bank account in the UK.

  • Saleem Mandiwala

Deputy Chairman Senate Saleem Mandiwala has assets worth up to Rs.260 million.

  • Shibli Faraz

Leader of the house in Senate, Shibli Faraz has assets worth up to Rs.230 million.

  • Raja Zafarul Haque

PMLN stalwart and opposition leader, Raja Zafarul Haque owns assets worth up to Rs.10 million.

  • Raza Rabbani Former chairman Senate has assets worth up to Rs.120 million.



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