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Schools In Islamabad: 90% Budget Spent On Expenditure and Regulation of Employees

ISLAMABAD: Officials informed the Senate Sub-Committee on Federal Education and Professional Training that the ministry had conducted baseline survey in 423 educational institutions in Islamabad to check the situation of missing facilities and maintenance work.

They said that unfortunately, 90 per cent of the budget was spent on ERE [Expenditure and Regulation of Employees]. “We’re dependent on PWD for the maintenance and repairing work, which demands more as compared to local contractors,” they added.

During a meeting on Tuesday, the sub-committee recommended that the schools in Islamabad should be a model at the grass-root level, but the private institutions were getting more successful and powerful.

It said not everyone could afford private schools, which meant that the state-run institutions should be reformed and had better infrastructure.

The panel’s chairman, Senator Rana Maqbool, said the condition of some schools was very poor, while Senator Muhammad Ali Khan Saif highlighted that the drinking water in schools was so unhygienic that it caused HIV and other serious diseases.

He suggested making schools community centres by public-private partnership like the neighbouring countries, as it will generate revenue that can be spent on schools’ maintenance.


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