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Punjab Tourist Police Planned To Tackle Increasing Incidents Of Harassment And Violence In Murree

The Punjab Police will raise a new unarmed force — ‘Punjab Tourist Police’ — initially for Murree to help the tourists and their families following increasing incidents of harassment and violence by local shopkeepers at this most visited hill station of the country, DAWN said in a report.

The project would be replicated in other areas of Punjab having tourist resorts if it proved successful at Murree. It is worth noting that similar forces operate in other countries like Malaysia and Thailand.

According to an official, a summary to this effect will be moved to Chief Minister Usman Buzdar for final approval.

A meeting chaired by the Punjab IGP decided that initially, 150 unarmed police personnel will be made the part of the force at different points.

In addition to helping tourists facing harassment, the Punjab Tourist Police will also rescue those trapped in snowfall, land-sliding and traffic jams, besides providing them guidance regarding beautiful places of Murree.

A special communication network will be made available for the visitors/tourists to provide them direct access to the police.

Last year, a social media campaign was launched, urging tourists to stop visiting Murree during the current season after videos showing local hoteliers and transporters misbehaving with tourists surfaced on the internet.




The campaigners said the local hoteliers and transporters were overcharging and mistreating the tourists besides, substandard food, lack of hospitality ethics and sky-high prices for accommodations.


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