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PFUJ Takes Notice Of Malicious, Targeted and False Social Media Campaign Against Top Journalists

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The Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists (PFUJ) has taken notice of the social media campaign that has been targeting top journalists of the country.

A meeting of PFUJ’s Federal Executive Council criticised the social media campaign as malicious and targeted and launched by unknown quarters who are “well known to everyone in the world”. The PFUJ demanded the government take serious action against this life threatening campaign that had been launched against journalists in the name of countering hybrid war, but its true intent is to curb media freedom and put pressure on media institutions.

The organisation also called upon state institutions and the judiciary to take immediate and urgent notice of the campaign, saying it had been launched on the basis of religious hate and concocted allegations on journalists of being agents of foreign intelligence agencies. Lies like this are a direct threat to the lives of journalists and their families, PFUJ stated, and demanded that those responsible be investigated and arrested by FIA’s cyber wing.

The body’s Federal Executive Council stated that it intends to pursue all avenues to fight for the rights of the country’s journalists and safeguard their as well as their families’ lives. The body also said that it was gravely concerned over the “deteriorating media freedom’ in the country and cited examples of the dirty tricks being used by those orchestrating the social media campaign.

PFUJ said that the social media campaign was tarnishing the images of Pakistan abroad at a time when it is crucial to present a soft image of the country.

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