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Patient’s Death: PMDC Directs Shifa International Hospital To Submit Details of Doctors Who Had Allegedly Shown Negligence

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC) in a fresh move has directed the Shifa International Hospital administration to submit the details of the four doctors allegedly involved in a mysterious death of the father of Shabana Hameed – deputy director at Ministry of Human Rights – last month inside at the hospital.

According to details, Shabana Hameed brought her father, Mohammad Nawaz, to the Shifa International Hospital after pain in kidneys. The doctors used an injection for hypertension due to which he experienced cardiac arrest and died on ventilator.

When Naya Daur Media contacted with Shabana, she said her father was a kidney patient and had been receiving treatment at the hospital for the last five years from a well-reputed expert Dr Nayyar.

Shabana said she had insisted on medical examination by a senior doctor but they handed over her father to juniors despite checking his profile and used a high dose injection which resulted in hypertension jumping to a high level, leading to the death of her father.

The complainant has mentioned four doctors Dr Ayesha, Dr Mehreen, Dr Mehnaz Ali Baloch and Dr Abdul Salam for their negligence.

The PMDC directed them to submit their comments regarding the event, record of the patient and the registration details of certificates awarded to them in 12 days. And in case of failure, the case will be placed under the supervision of disciplinary committee for further action.

When contacted, a top official of PMDC said a high-level disciplinary committee was monitoring the issue from different angles and strict action would be taken against the Shifa International if found guilty.

The complainant also accused the I-9 Police Station SHO of refusing to lodge FIR against the hospital, saying people die in old age and it was ordained by Allah.

When contacted, the SHO said they will deal the issue according to law and he didn’t made such comments.

According to the complainant, she made repeated requests to the Shifa International Hospital to form an inquiry, but they refused and said they were not responsible for the issue. However, they have invited her for a meeting only after the PMDC took notice of the issue.

A senior Doctor, serving at the Shifa International Hospital for the last nine years, on the condition of anonymity said those who attended the patient were not experts. “In my view, the patient was not taken seriously. His blood pressure was not examined at that time,” he said and added that the injection overdose led to high blood pressure and death.

A responsible official at public relation wing of the Shifa International Hospital said they were are not aware of any progress in the investigation into Nawaz’s death, but the doctors had not shown any negligence in the affair. When asked when the hospital will submit a report to PMDC, she refused to comment on the issue.  



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