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No HIV/AIDS Testing Kits And Vaccines In Islamabad’s Hospitals

ISLAMABAD: Senate Standing Committee on Interior Chairman Rehman Malik on Monday took notice of the non-availability of the HIV/AIDS testing kits and vaccines in the hospitals and laboratories in the federal capital Territory, asking the chief commissioner to present a report on the issue.

The chief commissioner was directed to inform the committee whether there is any existing law that covers the HIV/AIDS patients and their rehabilitation, treatment and counseling, once they are diagnosed positive. 

Malik also directed him to present a report on the availability of anti-rabies and anti-snake vaccines, especially in the monsoon season.

He said the standing committee had already taken the proposal by Senator Azam Khan Swati who suggested amendments in the Criminal Code of Procedure, with a punishment of 10-year imprisonment in cases of unsafe blood transfusions, and a five-year jail term in cases of drugs adulteration and two years imprisonment for adulteration of foods and beverages.



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